There's no public key encryption for Android yet, but that's an important feature for many of us. APG tries to fill that void, with new features quickly being added. Hopefully APG will grow into a fully functional OpenGPG implementation of GPG or PGP calibre.

NOTE: requires Android 1.5+

See also: APG on GitHub. On IRC: irc.freenode.org, #apg-dev


24.03.2014 - v1.1.1

24.03.2014 - v1.1.0

10.10.2013 - v1.0.9

25.12.2010 - v1.0.8

15.08.2010 - v1.0.7

14.08.2010 - v1.0.6

30.06.2010 - v1.0.5

10.06.2010 - v1.0.4

10.06.2010 - v1.0.3

08.06.2010 - v1.0.2

05.06.2010 - v1.0.1

03.06.2010 - v1.0.0

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ckl2007 18:01 June 30, 2015

Had to reset phone and inadvertently wiped backup data for APG. I have my old signature key but cannot figure out how to get APG to recognize it as MY key so as to sign with it.

m Gibson 21:18 September 23, 2015

How can i change passphrasse

richard roe 14:58 October 26, 2015

guys, apg is crashing when I try to import a private key via 'from file'. what could that be?

J 22:51 November 03, 2015

If you copy and paste an encrypted email text into apg, it decrypts it without asking for passphrase. This with both sent and recieved mail. Why is this? Kinda defeats the purpose?!?!

guzelmarmara 15:31 November 27, 2015


I'm trying to encrypt files (images) with a passphrase but files cannot be selected. Whatever I select, it's not seen in the file path part.

Also a feature request, it would be great to select multiple files for encryption.

But besides all these, it's a great great app. Thanks for the good work.

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