There's no public key encryption for Android yet, but that's an important feature for many of us. APG tries to fill that void, with new features quickly being added. Hopefully APG will grow into a fully functional OpenGPG implementation of GPG or PGP calibre.

NOTE: requires Android 1.5+

See also: APG on GitHub. On IRC: irc.freenode.org, #apg-dev


24.03.2014 - v1.1.1

24.03.2014 - v1.1.0

10.10.2013 - v1.0.9

25.12.2010 - v1.0.8

15.08.2010 - v1.0.7

14.08.2010 - v1.0.6

30.06.2010 - v1.0.5

10.06.2010 - v1.0.4

10.06.2010 - v1.0.3

08.06.2010 - v1.0.2

05.06.2010 - v1.0.1

03.06.2010 - v1.0.0

older changes


Features planned



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