Android - Add Account

YouTube solution

Update: as posted by Derek in the comments and by some other people in various help forums:

Reportedly this works for most people who have tried it.

If it doesn't work and for those interested, here's my original little workaround project:

App solution

There's a bug in Android currently (up to 2.1) where you can't add more accounts anymore. The usual error is:

Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server.

The solution is to do a factory reset and add your new accounts on the fresh system, which usually works. Not very comfortable.

I recently had the same problem again, even did a reset and still couldn't get it to work, so I tried to solve it by doing it manually in an app. Luckily that was successful.

I don't know whether there are dangers in this or some important initialization isn't done. But it works fine for me.

I put up the source code and a compiled app package, see downloads. Use at your own risk.


How To

That is all. I hope it's helpful.

Note: some people have reported an error like this:

Error: java.lang.SecurityException: caller uid 12345 is different than the authenticator's uid.

I'm not sure yet why this happens for some and how it could be fixed.


The relevant snippet:

AccountManager man = (AccountManager) getSystemService(ACCOUNT_SERVICE);
Account account = new Account("", "");
if (man.addAccountExplicitly(account, null, new Bundle())) {
    // worked
} else {
    // guess not

As you can see there is no password given.

Note that this does no checks whatsoever about the validity of the account or the password. That'll be done after the reboot. The snippet really just ADDS the account dumbly.



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